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Encarta Thesaurus

Encarta Thesaurus

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Following the international success of the "Encarta World English Dictionary", Bloomsbury has now produced its natural partner, the "Encarta Thesaurus". The "Encarta Thesaurus" has been compiled by an experienced international team of editors, working in a range of English-speaking countries around the globe. Many were also involved in the compilation of the "Encarta World English Dictionary". The inclusion of both North American and British material reflects the ever-growing importance of English as a medium for international communication. Furthermore it covers business, computing and the Internet. The "Encarta Thesaurus" offers an innovative dual navigation system through the network of our dynamic global language. Firstly, an alphabetical list of 40000 entries provides quick-reference lists of synonyms, doubling as an index to the conceptual lists. Secondly, entries are listed by 1200 themes, arranged under five main headings, including "People and Their Way of Life" and "The World Around Us". The marriage of these two formats provides a flexible and quick reference source. For those with time to browse, a fascinating chain of word associations will open up, providing opportunities for vocabulary building. Moving around this rich network, the reader will be able to appreciate the subtle differences and shifts in meaning between alternative words and the contexts in which they can be used.