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Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

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Today's major streamlining of U.S. industry has led to a new set of strategic requirements, along with new tools for meeting those requirements. For thousands of busy executives, the hardcover edition of "Corporate Strategy" has provided a better understanding of how to set strategic goals and objectives in this transformed environment - and increase both performance and shareholder value.
This paperback edition delivers every word, chart, case study, and statistic found in the hardcover in a more convenient format. Areas covered include:
  • Strategic aspects of corporate versus divisional levels;
  • The strategic planning process;
  • Productivity improvement;
  • Restructuring for shareholder value.
    "Corporate Strategy" takes an innovative, rigorous look at the vital strategic issues facing today's business executive. It outlines a distinctly original - yet fundamentally sound - approach for strategic success in any industry or environment.

    Формат: 14,5 см x 21,5 cм.