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Marketing Ethics

Marketing Ethics

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Marketing is a moral activity embodying central ethical values and principles.
With this statement as its foundation, "Marketing Ethics" addresses in a clear and pragmatic manner the ethical questions, misunderstandings, and challenges that marketing raises. It confronts standard marketing views and offers in their place an integrated marketing concept that provides a basis for viewing the moral dimensions of marketing activities.
What ethical complexities do marketers encounter in developing products, segmenting markers, advertising, and retailing? How can they translate practical and moral reflection in marketing into moral action? What must marketers do when they seek to act morally in a global marketplace? And since marketing involves a relationship with customers, what are the moral responsibilities of customers in their transactions with marketers?
The book investigates the basic ethical values and principles central to marketing - freedom, integrity, justice, privacy, and welfare - while examining their background assumptions and broader implications for marketing. Typically overlooked in other literature on the topic, these basic norms are essential to marketing. Punctuated with several in-depth discussions of the specific ethical issues marketers face, the book introduces essential concepts, principles, and theories to promote a greater overall understanding of the fundamental ways in which marketing and morality are intertwined.

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