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Public Relations in Asia

Public Relations in Asia

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This book describes the current status and structure of public relations in ten Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. In addition, it attempts to link public relations practice in each country conceptually and empirically (where possible) with key variables such as culture, political system, level of economic development and activism. The epilogue discusses the need for making public relations education in Asia more multicultural and holistic.
Many multinational corporations are beginning to enter the Asian market and would benefit from the information contained in this book. "Public Relations in Asia" would also help readers learn the unique dynamics of public relations in Asia so that they have a more rounded view of the relationship between socio-cultural factors and public relations practice in the Asian continent, thereby becoming better multicultural communicators.

Формат: 16 см x 23,5 см.