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Advertising Now: TV Commersials (+ DVD-ROM)

Advertising Now: TV Commersials (+ DVD-ROM)

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For anyone who's interested in inventive commercials, this book covers many of the best contemporary examples from around the world. Though most of us change the channel or make a trip to the bathroom during commercial breaks, there are actually ads out there that are more like thought-provoking short films than the pushy, one-dimensional, in-your-face ads we know and hate. Whether it's an ad for the latest Nike sneaker or to raise awareness about the hazards of speeding, a commercial has a lot to communicate in under a minute, and it takes the sharpest creative minds to figure out how to execute ads that are entertaining and even eye-opening while getting the message across. This guide rounds up many of the best commercials of recent years. Chapters are organized by subject, such as Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Social & Political, Technology, and Transport, and individual entries include screenshots, a description of the spot, and a credit list.

Формат: 20 см x 25,5 см.
Прилагаемый к изданию диск (DVD-ROM) упакован в специальный целлофановый конверт и вложен внутрь книги.