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Cozy Hotels

Cozy Hotels

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Hotels tend to be thought of as cold places. Maybe it is because they are often made up of characterless impersonal atmospheres. In "Cozy Hotels", we present 18 hotels that have been decorated with a great deal of care with the intention of transmitting a hospitable atmosphere. Of course, the warmth of this is not only measured by the size of the installations. It all depends on the interrelationship of a series of elements which are difficult to break down such as, for example, the philosophy of the landlord or the treatment received by the guests from individual employees. This book takes us to different countries on a tour of the rooms and gardens of hotels which, for their charm, stand out.
These hotels have succeeded in the difficult task of having their guests feel at home, but with the great difference of them being in an exceptional place. We will see atmospheres of a diversity of idiosyncrasies. Some are full of magic, as it they were scenes from fairytales, inhabited by elves and paper butterflies. There are those impregnated with poetry or flooded with color, with dreamy corners. Others are an accomplishment in refinement and luxury, exquisitely and elegantly decorated. Fingering through the pages of these chapters will be like traveling in time, back to the origins of humanity, to the warmth of the fire reflected on the stone walls of prehistory, to the mysterious feudal period or to the palaces of hundreds and hundreds of years ago, a source of history and heritage, music for our eyes.

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