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Losing My Virginity: The Autobiography

Losing My Virginity: The Autobiography

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Much more than just a memoir, this is Richard Branson's own take on his extraordinary life so far - and a definitive business guide that reveals his unique philosophy on commerce, success and life.
Richard looks back on how Virgin grew from a mail-order music business into the global brand it is today, and how, rather like his balloon flights, the years have been as much about endurance and survival as they have been about runaway success. He shares the inside story of his latest projects in the areas of health, the environment and the media, as well as his reflections on his own intrepid adventures and family life.
From the $25 million Virgin Earth initiative to the launch of Virgin Galactic, this is a powerful and unique look into the life of an iconic global entrepreneur.

Формат: 11 см x 18 см.