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Inside Asia

Inside Asia

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Stilt houses to minimalist villas: breathtaking interiors from India to Malaysia Zen. Soothing. Mystical. Meditative. All the most serene words in the world couldn't begin to describe the effect of Asia's most beautiful interiors. Whether it's a monastery in Tibet, a beautiful garden on a rubber plantation in Sri Lanka, or a private holiday villa in Thailand, each spot chosen for this book is remarkable not only for its aesthetics but for its spirit. The book is clothed in a silk-like bright orange fabric, the same color used for Thai monks robes, and patterned with flying Garuda birds. These interiors have what it takes to transport you to a sacred place; breathe deeply, delve in, and be inspired. Featuring 48 locations in the following countries: Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and Malaysia Highlights include: breathtaking garden designed by Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa a rice barge in Thailand constructed of golden teak a modern minimalist villa in Cambodia traditional Burmese wooden houses on stilts a high-rise apartment in Singapore a blue mansion in Malaysia.

Формат: 24,5 см x 32 см.