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An insider's guide to the UN, Fasulo

An insider's guide to the UN, Fasulo

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Prominent news correspondent Linda Fasulo provides a lively, comprehensive, and authoritative guide to the United Nations, featuring candid insights from leading US and UN diplomats and officials. Fasulo's guidebook meticulously illustrates the UN system while covering issues as diverse as terrorism, peacekeeping, globalization, and human rights. "No one knows the big picture and inner workings of the UN better than Linda Fasulo. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in international affairs." Tom Brokaw, anchor and managing editor, NBC Nightly News "Will become the indispensable source on the United Nations for everyone from students to diplomats. I keep it handy on my desk." Joseph S. Nye, Dean of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University "It will become a generalist's hoped-for introduction ...and a specialist's new and valued tool."