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I Bought Andy Warhol

I Bought Andy Warhol

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In 1987, art dealer Richard Polsky set aside $100,000 to purchase a painting by famed Pop artist Andy Warhol for his private collection - a process that ultimately took him twelve years. His journey, spanning the years from the wild speculation of the late 1980s to the recession of the 1990s, is recounted here in this funny, fast-paced, intensely readable expose of the inner workings of the art world.
Artists, gallery owners, auction houses, and collectors all play a role in this entertaining tale that illuminates not only Warhol the artist and his place in art history, but also the machinations and marketing that fueled his celebrity. While Warhol remains one of the most important artists of the second half of the twentieth century, it is arguably the aura of glamour surrounding his life that has driven the price of his paintings to the top of the market. In 1998 publisher Si Newhouse bought "Orange Marilyn" for $17.3 million - the highest price per square inch ever paid for a work of contemporary art.
It is both his admiration of Warhol as an artist and the thrill of vicarious fame that drive the author in his quest to have a Warhol of his own. In telling his story, Polsky answers questions we all have about the art world. How does an artist get a gallery to show his work? How are auction prices set? How do you know when a dealer is telling you the truth? When do you buy? When do you sell? His behind-the-scenes look at the art world reveals it to be a place filled with humor, hypocrisy, greed, and gossip, a place where success often comes down to having the right phone number in your Rolodex. And sometimes, it's just about owning the right pair of shoes.

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