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How To Implement Lean Manufacturing

How To Implement Lean Manufacturing

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A Practical, Hands-on Guide to Lean ManufacturingThis real-world resource offers proven solutions for implementing lean manufacturing in an enterprise environment, covering the engineering and production aspects as well as the business culture concerns. Filled with detailed examples, the book focuses on the rapid application of lean principles so that large, early financial gains can be made. How to Implement Lean Manufacturing explains Toyota Production System (TPS) practices and specifies the distinct order in which lean techniques should be applied to achieve maximum gains. Global case studies illustrate successes and pitfalls of lean manufacturing initiatives. Discover how to:Rigorously test and retest the state of your "leanness" with unique evaluatorsDevelop and deploy plant-wide strategies and goalsImprove speed and quality and dramatically reduce costsReduce variation in the manufacturing system in order to reduce inventoryReduce lead times to enable improved responsiveness and flexibilitySynchronize production and supply to the customerCreate flow and establish pull-demand systemsPerform system-wide and specific value-stream evaluations Generate a comprehensive list of highly focused Kaizen activitiesSustain process gains Manage constraints and reduce bottlenecksImplement cellular manufacturing