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Resume Empower!: Shattering the Paper Ceiling

Resume Empower!: Shattering the Paper Ceiling

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Well-organized and easy to use, Resume Empower! is based on the authors’ experience in having written and edited thousands of resumes for job seekers in all professions.Veteran career consultants Tom Washington and Gary Kanter gleefully debunk much of the mythology, folklore, and general silliness that have confounded and frustrated resume writers for generations. Their step-by-step creative process not only helps the writer create a stellar resume but lays the foundation for successful interviewing. This informative and entertaining sequel to a perennial best seller provides a wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques designed to develop an effective resume. It also demonstrates the unmistakable power of providing career accomplishments in obtaining interviews. Resume Empower! introduces a new and powerful tool for the job seeker with non-linear experience or an unconventional career path, the innovative clustered resume™.