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Obama: The Leadership of We Are One

Obama: The Leadership of We Are One

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Barack Obama is a leader of intrapreneurs. He has challenged us to BE and FEEL our intrapreneurial spirit. At birth, we came packaged with the innate characteristics of curiosity, ambition, creativity and tenacity- all necessary for Intrapreneurship. We were born with passion, commitment, confidence, and initiative. He calls each of us to reach into ourselves and live our positive energies of enthusiasm, ambition, hope and desire. Obama, as do all effective and powerful leaders, speaks to the Godness and goodness that resides within. These leaders have called forth the leader that dwells in all of us. They have issued both the invitation and the invocation for us to reach to our inner selves, our true power in life. Great leaders succeed in communicating far more than mere words. What we hear from Barack Obama is an ideal that we can BE better, that we ARE better, that we can DO better, that we can HAVE better. It is from these core ideals that peace and prosperity for all will come.