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Blow Us Away! Publishers' Secrets for Successful Manuscripts

Blow Us Away! Publishers' Secrets for Successful Manuscripts

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Two manuscripts sit on a publisher's desk. They both deserve to be published, but only one will be. One author knew what the publisher needed, the other didn't... Publishers and agents around the world are waiting to be blown away by the next great manuscript, but are frustrated by the average new author's lack of preparedness; 85% of manuscripts are rejected because the story, concept, or writing is bad. This book isn't for those authors! If you don't know how to write a good story or clearly explain your solution to a problem, this book can't help you. Thirteen percent are rejected because they aren't presented well to publishers. These are well-written manuscripts that lack marketing insight, organization, or an understanding of the book industry. This book is for these authors. Bring publishers a great book with all the background information we need to make a good business decision and you've got a deal. Come on, I dare you! Blow Us Away!