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Retirement Rocks!: Canadian Boomers Invest in Life

Retirement Rocks!: Canadian Boomers Invest in Life

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Retirement marks an ending of one life phase and an opening into exciting new possibilities. You look forward to it with anticipation, and may also worry about the changes it entails. Retirement Rocks! provides practical and sensible advice on re-charging your attitude and re-designing your life. Revealing questions and exercises will cause you to evaluate opportunities and reclaim the life you set aside to make a living, pay the mortgage, and raise a family. Your retirement can be the best time of your life! Packed full of useful information on Lifestyle, Relationship, and Finances, we take a close look at the universal question of "how much is enough?" Helpful advice on health, housing, work and volunteering, and relationships and parenting put you at the helm, charting your own course for this next life phase. Live a retirement life that ROCKS!