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Life Is A Journey, Drive On...

Life Is A Journey, Drive On...

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Life Is A Journey, Drive On... is a tribute to the truck drivers of America who have long been the economic backbone of our country. It is a window into the lives of truckers as well as their dreams and aspirations. In short, Life Is A Journey, Drive On... celebrates the lives and contributions of American truckers who keep the economy rolling despite the global recession and current financial hardships. If you have ever longed for the open road or wondered what the life of a trucker might be like, this book is for you. It is packed full of stories and personal experiences of truckers and their families, and it highlights several benefits of choosing trucking as a career. The book also provides tips and suggestions on how to get started in the trucking business, while pointing out interesting statistics and often-overlooked contributions of truckers and the trucking industry in the United States. "Some of the hardest working people I have ever met drive trucks. They are in fact out there working while most of us are sleeping and comfortable in our beds. Nasandra Wright has captured the spirit of how important these people are to our country and in this book I am reminded of that importance." Tim Fitterer Vice President Truck one