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Screwed in Business! 101 Reality Checks and Harsh Lessons Learned in Business that Cost You a Ton of Money, Wastes Your Time and Drains Your Energy

Screwed in Business! 101 Reality Checks and Harsh Lessons Learned in Business that Cost You a Ton of Money, Wastes Your Time and Drains Your Energy

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Have you ever gotten Screwed in Business but just had to Grin and Bear it and Suffer the consequences in Silence? Perhaps someone stole money or other property from you, you took a big financial hit, you made a huge bet in your business and lost big time, you got sued, you had to sue someone, you had to file bankruptcy, you had creditors chasing you down, or you had a falling out with a family member or business partner over money. These are not happy times and I am sure as you went through it, it was much too embarrassing to share with anyone, or you had so much anger it drained your energy! Well, getting Screwed in Business sucks, whether someone screwed you or you simply screwed yourself by making dumb decisions and bad choices! The result of getting screwed in business is that you lost money, you lost time, or you wasted your energy. Of course, Time is the biggest loss because it is something we can never get back! Most people celebrate the great success stories in business but there is little discussion about the failures, financial disasters, disruptions and personal trauma that we all experience as entrepreneurs, real estate investors and business owners. There are many harsh lessons, setbacks and failures and unfortunately they are not discussed much for others to learn from them. So to the uninitiated, it's as if the journey to business success was smooth, uneventful and without bumps in the road. All successful and wealthy people have had major disasters including going broke, foreclosures, property seizure, bankruptcy filing, litigation and really bad breakups with clients, business partners, spouses, employees, friends and family. When you go through these trying times it is emotionally stressful, time-consuming and devastating, topped off with sleepless nights, sagging skin and thinning hair. But as time passes, you look back and learn from the experience. Perhaps you look back and laugh and breathe a sigh of relief that you got through it and you were made stronger! As I reflect on all the years that I have been in business, the people who have come in and out of my life and the lessons learned, I figured it's way long overdue for me to share some of the ways that I have been screwed by others, how I have screwed myself, and how my friends have gotten screwed in their business affairs! You will benefit from these mini-lessons and warnings from the author and her friends. Heed the wisdom that can be gleaned from their experiences. Why on earth would you want to waste your time, your money, your energy and lose your sanity by not taking the time to learn and be entertained by these insights and warnings???