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Nonstop Networking: Relationship Selling for Personal Success

Nonstop Networking: Relationship Selling for Personal Success

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Nonstop Networking, is top business consultant Andrea Nierenberg's first guide to that all important personal success strategy - relationship selling. Here she reveals her unique and easy-to-use strategies for linking-up with people in order to achieve mutual personal and professional goals. Learn twelve techniques to use when approaching a room full of strangers, master eight sure-fire communications skills, discover the types of people you need in your network (and that may already be a part of your circle of contacts.) Are you shy or introverted? Learn networking techniques that capitalize on your natural abilities. Easy to read with many examples of personal success stories throughout, Nonstop Networking is a must have for recent graduates, job seekers, career changers, consultants, entrepreneurs, or anyone with a personal or professional goal to achieve.