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Serenity Economics: Your Path to Peace & Prosperity

Serenity Economics: Your Path to Peace & Prosperity

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Serenity Economics "Serenity Economics" is a motivational road map to economic success and well-being. It is a guide to attitudes and actions that puts readers in control of their economic destiny enriched by a deep, satisfying connection to the community. Combining self-improvement techniques and basic economic principles readers see themselves as individual economic entities interacting with the world at large. The book introduces a way of thinking that confronts one of today’s foremost challenges: the achievement of durable prosperity and contentment. Readers learn to view the material world in a positive light. Personal growth and contentment spring from "investment in the self" that acknowledges a partnership with the community. About the Author Emanuel A Frenkel, Ph.D., is on the economics faculty of the University of California, Davis where he has been honored with the "Excellence in Education Award for Distinguished Teaching." For 20 years, Dr. Frenkel was on the senior management team at Bank of America Corporation, retiring in 2000 as Senior Vice President and Chief International Economist. Dr. Frenkel has lectured around the world on economic and financial topics and has led seminars on the value of cultural diversity in the workplace. An avid fan of ice cream and in-line skating, Dr. Frenkel divides his time between California and France.