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Young Professional's Guide to Success

Young Professional's Guide to Success

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The 76 million members of Generation Y are launching into the work world with some nasty habits, including distractibility and a sense of entitlement. Successful 29-year-old entrepreneur Ryan Kohnen calls this Generation A.D.D., and says they need a wake-up call. Young Professional's Guide to Success is a book for young professionals looking to go from an average employee to career rock star. With advice and stories from over 70 CEOs, top executives, and community leaders, the book gives practical advice and tools to start making a significant difference in their workplace. From building relationships with mentors and peers to being the leader of your team (even if you are the youngest person), this book gives young professionals an inside look at how executives rose to the top. Pepsi Americas, American Heart Association, and DuPont are among the organizations that share anecdotes and invaluable advice. Readers will also learn from the mistakes and successes of a fellow young professional: author Ryan Kohnen.