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Negotiation Tools

Negotiation Tools

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What is negotiation? Negotiation is an engagement between two or more sides. It involves strategic communication processes, strategies and tactics; sometimes spoken, sometimes shown with body language or attitude. It aims to use persuasion to get agreement on settlements that are satisfactory to the individuals or groups doing the negotiating. Have you ever regretted what you have said? Been unable to settle an agreement? Found dealing with difficult people too demanding or frustrating? Have you wished you could get guidance on what you should have researched? Or the questions you should have asked? All these experiences are common among people who are unprepared before a negotiation. And that is negotiating with anyone; your employees, employers, customers or suppliers. This book will show you steps to successful negotiation. They are steps you can take as soon as you find out you are about to enter a negotiation whether days, hours or even minutes before the negotiation starts. This book will empower you to use the tools it describes in everyday practice. Topics covering: Preparing your negotiation, Questions in depth, Formulating your questions, Identifying interests, Preparation template and much more. It is written in a simplified manner in a compact designed book for quick and easy reference, it includes a preparation plan template and also quotes and proverbs to be utilized anytime and anywhere. This book is ideal for managers, executives and anyone who need an instant resource to refer for preparing the negotiation.