Needs Assessment: An Overview  (Book 1)

Needs Assessment: An Overview (Book 1)

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In 1995, Witkin and Altschuld proposed a three phase process model of needs assessment:Preassessment (learning as much as possible from existing, inexpensive sources);Assessment (collecting new information about the needs in consideration);Postassessment (prioritizing needs, understanding their causes, and translating priorities into action plans for organizations).The model has been extensively re-conceptualized and forms the basis for this book. The content includes a user-oriented approach to a comprehensive overview of the three phases and the 14 key steps necessary to implement them. Numerous examples and practical illustrations are given throughout the text as guidance for needs assessors and those who do research on the topic. An extensive glossary of needs-related terms and an outline of a final report are also provided. The book is the first one in the Needs Assessment KIT with connections to the other four.