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Ambrosia: Wisdom Discovered

Ambrosia: Wisdom Discovered

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This Book's purpose is a 'Today's Adaptation' of the Wisdom contained is the Biblical books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. When looking back over my life, I have noticed that many of my errors were not ones of intention, focus, attitude, or priority; but rather on not seeing clearly. I would have liked to have known the Wisdom contained here early in my youth . . . How sweet it would have been to see reality with more clarity, to better understand life and, in that way, to better play out the choices available to create the life I desired . . . To not have unintended consequences shadow my choices . . . This book is written for those who wish to 'Discover the Wisdom' needed to soar, to rise above cloudy perceptions, and to live life with clarity . . . To be the Eagle . . .