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Celebrating Failure: The Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes and Thinking Big

Celebrating Failure: The Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes and Thinking Big

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"People from every walk of life can learn something from Celebrating Failure. Encouraging originality, responding to changes, and thinking big are just some of the approaches Heath advocates to help people learn from failure and achieve their dreams." --U.S. Senator Russ Feingold "Fear of failure is perhaps the worst affliction a manager can have because it leads to creative paralysis and inhibited growth. Despite all the cliches coming from higher management, most managers know that mistakes are more often punished than rewarded. Into this cultural reality now comes Ralph Heath's reassuring words about failure not only as a teacher but as a power that leads to greater success. I highly recommend this helpful book." --James Autry, author of The Servant Leader Celebrating Failure is the definitive how-to manual for leaders seeking to embrace the power of failure as a learning tool to improve their organizations and achieve ever-greater goals. The business world (and, lately, the political arena) is convinced that the number one topic is change. Heath posits that it might well be failure, because if you do it right, failure can become a launching pad for change. Heath contends that "positive failures" are not only necessary steps on the path to success, but encourage greater freedom to take risks in pursuit of one's life goals. This counterintuitive but powerful title includes: * Engaging stories of real-life business and personal failure experiences. * Practical steps to apply each chapter's "lessons" and change your approach to risk-taking and failure. * Positive, effective ways to eliminate the "fear of failure" that can hold you back in today's competitive, fast-changing world. Heath's insightful stories lay out his own failures and reveal his human side as a son, father, athlete, and business leader.