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Think Like a Marketer: What It Really Takes to Stand Out from the Crowd, the Clutter, and the Competition

Think Like a Marketer: What It Really Takes to Stand Out from the Crowd, the Clutter, and the Competition

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"I feel so empowered with Lauron's clear, practical marketing strategies. She shows you how to make marketing automatic, and as a business owner, that's exactly what I need. No business should run without this information." --Valerie Boudreaux-Allen, First Step Business Training & Consulting; Houston's SBA's Women in Business Champion, 2007 Do you find marketing to be confusing, difficult, or overwhelming? Are you not sure where to begin? Do you have a plan, but don't know how to make it happen? To act and succeed like a marketer, you must first think like one. When you do, marketing becomes routine, focused, and successful as you take clear, confident steps to grow your business every day. Think Like a Marketer takes the mystery out of marketing. It addresses head-on the principles that must guide every action, decision, and communication that affect your business. In addition, it gives you practical, real-life guidance that you can apply immediately after reading. Chock-full of specific examples and proven processes, Think Like a Marketer will teach and show you how to: * Think, act, and communicate like a marketing pro. * Identify and capitalize on the marketing opportunities that abound in your business every day (but are usually missed). * Stand out in a cluttered and overcrowded marketplace. * "Stir the pot" to build and maintain marketing momentum. * Devise a practical marketing strategy that will show positive results, even on a bare-bones budget. With Think Like a Marketer, you'll be prepared to put marketing into action and turn yourself and your business into a marketing machine! Lauron Sonnier is president of Sonnier Marketing & Communications, Inc. (Houston, Texas). She has helped countless companies, managers, and entrepreneurs put marketing into action to grow their businesses on a daily basis. A member of the National Speakers Association, Sonnier presents powerful marketing ideas and strategies to audiences throughout the country. She has been featured in numerous local and national publications. She holds a BS in Communciations and spent 20 years in the marketing trenches, working in television, public relations, and advertising. A Cajun from Louisiana, Sonnier couldn't talk if you tied her hands.