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Winning Salesmanship-The Glengarry Way

Winning Salesmanship-The Glengarry Way

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To be a winner in sales, you must be able to close the deal effectively. It's that simple. You can look good, sound good, work well with people, and know your product inside out, but if you can't close the sale-it's meaningless. Apply Larry Krakow's 20-plus years of successful selling experiences, recommendations of other successful professionals, and the sales meeting scene of the classic film Glengarry Glen Ross as a springboard to discover specific closing techniques to help you clinch your contracts more effectively and more often. Larry's anecdotes, instructions, and illustrations-including clear-cut phrasing and methodology for closing-will steer you to success time and time again. Learn to seal the deals of your life and advance your income to the next level with finesse, confidence, and integrity. Take control of your destiny. Take care of yourself and others--your loved ones, your clients, and your community. Listen to Larry and follow his lead to achieve 'Winning Salesmanship' the Krakow way.