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Piracy of Digital Content

Piracy of Digital Content

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This book studies digital piracy - the infringement of copyrighted content (such as music, films, software, broadcasting, books, etc.) - where the end product does not involve the use of hard media, such as CDs and DVDs. It presents the unique economic properties of markets for pirated digital products, where the existence of a large number of suppliers willing to provide pirated content at virtually no cost poses new and difficult challenges to copyright owners and policy makers in combating that piracy. These economic features, together with rapid technological developments, create special and unique problems to policy makers and the large number of actors involved in different jurisdictions. This book also provides an illustrative, in-depth case study of the sports rights owners sector, highlighting how it is affected by digital piracy.Table of Content :Executive SummaryIntroduction Chapter 1. Market Overview-Key differences between tangible and digital products-Copyrighted digital products-Markets for pirated digital products-Economic mechanisms that drive markets for pirated digital productsChapter 2. Drivers of Digital Policy-Supply drivers-Demand drivers Chapter 3. Industry Initiatives and Institutional Remedies-Industry Initiatives-Data collection and educational campaigns-Co-operation between rights holders-Government co-operation-Remedies for copyright infringement-Liability for circumvention of technological protection measuresChapter 4. Case Study: The Sports Rights Owners Sector-What is the sports rights owners sector?-What is at stake?-How is intellectual property created in this sector?-How does piracy take place?-What are the market characteristics of the sports broadcasting sector?-Industry responses-Specific industry examples-ConclusionsAnnex A. Legal Aspects of Copyrights and their InfringementAnnex B. OECD Council Recommendation on Broadband Development Annex C. The Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy