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Strategic Leadership in Asia - The Yin & Yang Code

Strategic Leadership in Asia - The Yin & Yang Code

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Leadership, at its core, is a very human activity. Focused on achieving the best results, it is no wonder that leadership is the most widely researched and discussed topic in the field of management. But how do you know what type of leadership suits you best? This book is written by a group of learned individuals who have experienced diverse dimensions of leadership in various Asian cultures. It also describes leadership that is focused on both the short and long terms, which can also be categorized as Yin and Yang-type leaderships. The experiences and perspectives of these individuals offer fresh analyses, novel frameworks, and invigorating insights on strategic leadership challenges that confront Asian decision-makers and organizations in an increasingly complex, diverse and volatile global landscape. Strategic Leadership in Asia: The Yin & Yang Code suggests the way ahead for a new paradigm of leadership in the new millennium. Contents: Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Yin & Yang in Leadership Development Framework Chapter 3 Yin & Yang Leadership and the Organizational Lifecycle Chapter 4 Yin & Yang Leadership in Navigating Shifts in Organizational Culture Chapter 5 Evolution of Yin and Yang Leadership in Indonesia's State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Chapter 6 Yin & Yang and Strategic Political Leadership Chapter 7 The Interplay of Yin & Yang in Senior Leadership Teams Chapter 8 A New Asian Leadership DNA: Values-Driven, Spiritually Intelligent Holistic Leadership Chapter 9 Conclusion