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Global Movements In The Asia Pacific

Global Movements In The Asia Pacific

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This collection of papers by leading scholars, business leaders, and government officials discusses recent developments in the global movements of people, goods, services, and information in the Asia-Pacific region. Such movements are both the cause and consequence of the latest round of globalization, a process of special significance to the Asia-Pacific region. The lead paper by Professor Yuan-Tseh Lee, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry and former President of Academia Sinica, offers a personal reflection on international education and the global flow of knowledge and talent. Another lead paper by Ambassador Alfonso Yuchengco, one of the region's most respected business leaders and diplomats, provides insights on transnational businesses and diplomacy, especially in the ASEAN Plus-Three context and China's re-emergence as a world power.Other papers present new theoretical, policy and empirical understanding of international migration, trade and investment movements, global logistics, and transnational flows of information technology and architectural influences. The papers were made possible by the International Scientific Meetings Grant of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Ministry of Education, which encourages the involvement of young scholars in the wider dissemination of knowledge on issues of major scientific and practical importance to the international community.