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Human Resource Management - An Asia Edition

Human Resource Management - An Asia Edition

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This is the Asian adaptation of Mathis and Jackson s textbook, Human Resource Management, 12th Edition. This Asia edition highlights universally usable human resource management (HRM) theories and practices sourced from leading research and reports that may be applicable to HRM in Asia. In order to illustrate the viability of systematically studying and disseminating universally useful HRM knowledge to help raise the standards of HRM in a specific country, Singapore is used as a seminal case. It also highlights the different country practices in Asia and across the world. Case studies in countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan are also included in this Asia edition to facilitate student discussions. Key Features(1)Critical and comprehensive discussion of universally applicable human resource management theories and concepts such as psychological contract, diversity management, management of deviant behavior, loyalty and commitment, realistic job preview, adult learning principles, employee and workplace risk management, among others.(2)includes penetrating analysis of the latest trends from the dynamic HRM profession and current industry research in key areas such as strategic HRM, human capital and talent management, HRM metrics, outplacement management, HR audit, HR competencies, succession planning, rights of management and employees, and others.(3)Starts with fi nal outcomes which should be pursued by managers/employees and then delves into details by starting from the most micro to the most macro issues facing HR managers.(4)Case studies from Asia include those from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. These help students think thoroughly on new issues that may crop up from time to time.(5)Written in the practitioner s language with academic jargon reduced to a minimum.