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Slightware: The Next Great Threat To Brands

Slightware: The Next Great Threat To Brands

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"A thorough exploration of one of the most pressing problems in marketing: How to cope with the complexities of the digital world..." Al Ries co-author, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding and War in the Boardroom. When businesses began to move their brands online in the '90s the first step was placing information online. Brochures were cut-and-pasted to the web. It didn't work, and companies soon knew brochureware was not the answer. Now, digital systems are becoming more pervasive, and a parallel epiphany lies in the not-too-distant future: Data, functionality, rules and models will not be enough to create, present, grow and preserve brands. Systems will need to be infused with the brand at their elemental level. Otherwise, they will simply exist as Slightware. Slightware - The Next Great Threat to Brands is a must-read for branding practitioners, designers, marketers, technologists and user experience professionals.