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The Prodigal Executive

The Prodigal Executive

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Some derailed executives create toxic workplaces that cause good employees to flee. Others cause customers to complain in ever increasing numbers. So why not just fire them? This book teaches the essentials of what managers and business leaders need to know about toxic bosses and other star performers too valuable to let go but too painful to keep on the payroll. In this book you will learn: How 8 out of 10 derailed executives can be saved. Six myths that hold many companies back from coaching When to keep 'em and when to fire 'em. How to give feedback to toxic bosses and derailed executives Three keys to an executive comeback How to help derailed executives out the door if they really need to go Dr. Bruce Heller's leader development tools have been used for two decades throughout corporate America to help derailed executives who are too painful to keep and too valuable to fire. A Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Southern California, his monthly column "People Skills" appears in the online news magazine San Diego News Network. Bruce speaks to thousands of executives each year, teaching them his management techniques for getting derailed executives back on track. One of the leading experts in his field, Bruce's audiences include Amgen, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumann, Disney, Warner Brothers, UCLA, and Bridgestone Firestone.