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The 5-Second Inventor

The 5-Second Inventor

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The 5-Second Inventor teaches powerful strategies to • identify the potential of your 5-second invention or idea • conduct accurate market research • create a protective shield for your invention • minimize your initial startup budget • find your manufacturing partner overseas • work with different types of retail buyers • publicize, market, and sell your innovative product Anyone who wants to understand how to invent a product and take it all the way to market really needs to read this book. Instead of the usual generalities, Ken Chuah's book contains the specifics of how to get it done and who to talk to, whether you want to manufacture in the US or abroad. There are very few books which have this much helpful information. Gary Hoover founder of Hoover's, Inc. www.hoovers.com One of the most common challenges for individual inventors and entrepreneurs is to find useful resources to guide them through the complicated path of bringing their idea to market. Ken Chuah's book provides practical information that is on topic and to the point. This book is a great resource that will help the individual take their idea to the next level. Chris Ritchie President, Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association, Austin, Texas www.austininventors.org "A must for anyone wanting to make an idea into reality. Kenneth Chuah's extensive knowledge and experience with the patent process and production will help the novice navigate from conception to production. " Erwin Ballarta Security professional for Governor Ann Richards, President George W. Bush and Head of Security for world-renowned cyclist, Lance Armstrong at Tour de France Kenneth Chuah is a devoted entrepreneur and inventor, a prize winner in the 2004 Idea to Product Competition in Austin, Texas, and an active participant in many entrepreneur and inventor activities. His first company, which he started from his home, later secured many large retailers in US. He is currently the president of Abiie, LLC (www.abiie.com), a company manufacturing juvenile products. Ken helps others pursue their dreams by providing consultations to small and medium-sized firms wishing to expand their business overseas. Ken is based in Austin, Texas.