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The 10 Power Protocols

The 10 Power Protocols

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Do you feel frustrated and undervalued in your profession? Do you find yourself complaining constantly about your job, co-workers, boss, or staff that you supervise? If so, then you'll want to read The 10 Power Protocols, an invaluable guidebook that will give you the tools you need to take control of your life, your career and your success. Written in an easy-to-understand conversational tone, it illustrates how a man, Alan, discovers and experiences the protocols as part of his hiring process as a Director in a large corporation. The CEO, Jane has created a new culture at the corporation and her responsibility is to ensure Alan is a good fit. You can create a culture within your profession and your life that is exciting, engaging, productive, and fun. Marti Woodward and Fred Dearborn have created and applied these tools in their own careers and with their business clients, and as a result, have enjoyed enormous success. Their desire is to share their knowledge with you-whether you want to be a better manager, feel more valued for what you contribute, or simply bring some fun into your work environment, these protocols will show you how. Author Bio: Marti Woodward and Fred Dearborn are authors and Leadership Coaches. They live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.