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A Positive Model of Change: Appreciative Inquiry

A Positive Model of Change: Appreciative Inquiry

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The consultancy industry is a booming business. Change agents are not not only known for their extremely high fees, but unfortunately also for their high rates of failure. The traditional negative approach to planned organizational change is to look for the organizational flaws and fix them. A new positive stream in the advice industry, Appreciative Inquiry (AI), criticises this negativism and suggests a different approach. The philosophy behind AI is to explicitly look for what is going right instead of wrong and to change and develop the organization with these positive points as the basis. AI is rapidly increasing in popularity and is used by many organizations and change agents nowadays. Despite the massive popularity, there is a lack of research that investigates the true effectiveness of AI. This book describes a critical research to the effectiveness of AI. In paradox with the philosophy of AI, it will also be taken into account what might be wrong with this new approach to organizational change. This research is very interesting for managers that are considering hiring a change agent and would like to have critical information on AI.