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Starting Your Own Business: What You Need to Know (Quick Prep)

Starting Your Own Business: What You Need to Know (Quick Prep)

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Quick Prep: Starting Your Own Business highlights the major steps in the process of creating a start-up. Featuring partners from firms across the country, these experts discuss the key aspects of starting a new business and pinpoint the strategic decisions that are most critical to one's success. The featured attorneys offer their advice on determining the best business structure, finding financing sources, registering the business legally, protecting intellectual property, and complying with employment practices. Additionally, the authors emphasize the importance of designing a business plan and cite the most important components to include. In a concise and relevant manner, these authors identify the most common issues that new business owners face and offer their thoughts on avoiding mistakes and achieving success in the start-up world. Chapters Include: 1. Philip A. Toomey, Managing Partner, Carico Rice Toomey LLP "Preliminary Considerations Understanding the Basics" 2. Josh S. Kaplan, Member, Stahl Cowen Crowley & Addis LLC "Multi-Tasking to Get a Business Off the Ground" 3. Daniel P. Gibson Esq., Managing Director, Gibson & Behman PC "Understanding the Options in a Start-Up" 4. Patrick A. Fraioli Jr. Esq., Partner, Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP "Guiding Stars to Help You Navigate the Start-Up Waters"