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Keeping Up in a Down Economy: What the Best Companies do to Get Results in Tough Times

Keeping Up in a Down Economy: What the Best Companies do to Get Results in Tough Times

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We are in the middle of an economic downturn that is deeper and more damaging to the world economy than anything experienced since the 1930s. This means that to thrive or even just to survive company owners, executives, managers and even employees must take action today to remake their businesses in a way that is profound and long-lasting. To do this, it is first necessary to understand that most employees today feel apprehensive, overworked, and underappreciated. During tough and challenging times when we are asking them to do even more with less, they report feeling even more stressed and fearful than ever before. But, there is hope. By focusing on the right things in this negative and challenging time, any company can make a dramatic and marked difference in improving its ability to compete more effectively. And, to keep employees from becoming overloaded and myopic, management needs to especially be proactive and positive in difficult times. In this book, Dr. Bob Nelson, best-selling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, discusses his recent research, experience and insights as to how managers and organizations can make a practical difference during tight and recessionary times even with little time, resources or budget. This book uses hundreds of current and practical examples of what today s managers and business owners are doing to keep employees focused and positive in ways that can help their organization to emerge stronger from difficult economic times.