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Growing your Property Partnership: Plans, Promotion and People

Growing your Property Partnership: Plans, Promotion and People

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Being the best agent or surveyor does not always mean that you will be the best manager or leader. But being an agent, surveyor or other property professional probably means that you are averse to taking time out to learn about management. This is a light-hearted and pragmatic introduction to alternative growth strategies and management solutions in planning, leadership, human resources, strategic marketing, promotion, selling, "clientology" (relationship management) and achieving change. It is packed with ideas and checklists to spur you along with guidance on: analysis, motivation, networking, branding, service development, persuasion, project management, rapport, tendering and an A-Z of promotional tools. Kim's irreverent style, combined with a working knowledge of large and small property partnerships, makes it easy to read, whether from cover to cover or as an occasional reference book. The real case studies add extra zip and include: Brown & Co, Chase Buchanan, Chase & Partners, Cluttons, Coda Studios, Colliers CRE, Douglas & Gordon, Drivers Jonas, Henry Adams, Pellings, RICS, Spacelab and Stiles Harold Williams. * Clear and accessible advice* Light-hearted style* Full of management advice and checklists for surveyors and agents* Offers solutions to problems in business planning, change management and promotions