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Moms are the CEO's of Life

Moms are the CEO's of Life

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So many books are coming out today about different ways of running companies. Several of these books envision some historical figure as the CEO: Lincoln, Attila the Hun, Jesus and others. Only one person is CEO to everyone, and that is our mother. Everyone is molded by the teaching of their mother, and taught the same things that they later apply to their business career. I had the pleasure of interviewing many successful people for the book, Don Kirshner, Ken Anderson and Jeff Webb, just to name a few, and found that they all had a lot in common: first they have a passion for what they do; have a purpose to succeed; moved ahead with total determination; but first and foremost they owe their success to the role their mother played in shaping their respective lives. Each chapter of the book is a lesson my mother taught me while I was growing up. They are the same ones all children hear from their own mother. The first part of each chapter tells the story of how I learned one of my own mother's lessons. Most people who read them will see themselves, since all children go through many of the same trials and tribulations. The second part of each chapter relates to a specific individual who used their mother's lessons to be successful in their chosen field. Some are funny, some are sad; but all are about life...and all true. Having interviewed each of these people for the book, I wish I could show the raw emotion on each person's face while relating what their mother meant to their individual success. I hope everyone takes away from this book that success is not easy, but everyone receives the seeds for their success from their mother.