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Change Navigation Made Easy, A Workbook and Tools

Change Navigation Made Easy, A Workbook and Tools

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The Change Navigation Made Easy; Workbook and Tools is designed to help the reader think through and plan for any type of change - whether business or personal. By following the easy, educational steps in the workbook, the reader will build their plan for change including readiness for change, alignment of the people impacted, key messaging and communication plan, roles of the team, and measurement of the change. There are helpful hypothetical change examples included to help guide the reader. The tools and workbook were developed by Maureen Gevertz, a 20 year veteran of Human Resources Management and Organizational Development. Ms. Gevertz has worked in organizations ranging from seventy-five to 160,000 employees in nine industries and across five continents. Ms. Gevertz is an expert in large scale change efforts with extensive experience in integration strategy, organizational and cultural change planning, and strategic communication. She currently has an independent consulting practice and can help you with your change either through workshops or one to one consulting services. Visit her website at: www.maureengevertz.com.