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A Handbook of Multimodal Analysis

A Handbook of Multimodal Analysis

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Multimodality is an innovative approach to representation, communication and interaction which looks beyond language to investigate the multitude of ways we communicate: through images, sound and music to gestures, body posture and the use of space. The Routledge Handbook of Multimodal Analysis is the first comprehensive ‘research tool kit’ for multimodal analysis, with 22 chapters written by leading figures in the field on a wide range of theoretical and methodological issues. It clarifies terms and concepts, synthesizes the key literature with in-depth exploration and illustrative analysis, and tackles challenging methodological issues. The Handbook includes chapters on key factors for Multimodality such as technology, culture, notions of identity and macro issues such as literacy policy. The handbook takes a broad look at multimodality and engages with how a variety of other theoretical approaches have looked at multimodal communication and representation, including visual studies, anthropology, conversation analysis, socio-cultural theory, socio-linguistics and new literacy studies. Detailed multimodal analysis case studies are also included, along with an extensive glossary of key terms, to support those new to multimodality and allow those already engaged in multimodal research to explore the fundamentals further. The Routledge Handbook of Multimodal Analysis is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers involved in the study of multimodal communication. Carey Jewitt is a Reader in Education and Technology at the London Knowledge Lab, and Research Director of the Centre for Multimodal Research at the Institute of Education, University of London. She is co-editor of Visual Communication and author of Technology, Literacy and Learning: A Multimodality Approach (2008, Routledge). Applied Linguistics/Communication Studies Authors:Anders Bjorkvall , Chris Cleirigh, Rosemary Flewitt, Regine Hampel, Mirjam Hauck, Christian Heath, David Howes, Jonas Ivarsson, Adam Jaworski, Rodney H. Jones, Gunther Kress, Lesley Lancaster, Kevin M. Leander, Theo van Leeuwen, Jay Lemke, Jonas Linderoth, Paul Luff , David Machin, Diane Mavers, Sigrid Norris, Kay O’Halloran, Kate Pahl, Karola Pitsch, Jennifer Rowsell, Roger Saljo, Ron Scollon, Maree Stenglin, Brian Street, Crispin Thurlow, Len Unsworth, Lalitha Vasudevan, Tore West, Suzie Wong Scollon.