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The Office Space Case of the Mondays Fun Files

The Office Space Case of the Mondays Fun Files

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At long last, Office Space, the endlessly quotable classic movie that pokes laugh-out-loud fun at the monotony and pointlessness of modern office life, has been translated into the ultimate office fun file guaranteed to cure every case of “the Mondays.” This is the perfect gift for recent college grads and all the minions already out there whose TPS reports just aren’t cutting it. Packed within are crossword puzzles, word searches, pages to color, quizzes (“Is This the Worst Day of Your Life?”), games (“Your Jump-to- Conclusions Mat Fill-In”), writing prompts (“What Would You Do If You Had $1,000,000?), and of course, loads of TPS cover sheets. Special features include paper dolls of your favorite Office Space characters, punch-out flair so you can express yourself, and coffee sleeves with classic Office Space quotes. You may make it to the next Hawaiian Shirt Day after all!