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The Historical Landmarks and Other Evidences of Freemasonry (Classic Reprint)

The Historical Landmarks and Other Evidences of Freemasonry (Classic Reprint)

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PA11T I.a general view of all the orders ant) degrees of masonry which were practised in the eighteenth century." Besides those degrees which are in regular succession, most of the inspectors are in possession of a number of detached degrees, given in different parts of the world, and which they generally communicate, free of expense, to those Brethren who are high enough to understand them."-Dalcho." Within our own time mysterious inscriptioixs and characters have been found among the rubbish of eastern cities, over whose ruins more than forty centuries have rolled, which called forth the wonder of the curious, and puzzled the most learned antiquary, and which none have been found competent to decipher, save those who are versed in the higher orders of Masonry."Oration before the Grand Lodge of Rhode Island.In the practice of primitive Freemasonry,1 our ancient Brethren had a great regard for the number three.1 At the commencement of this lecture I ought to remark, thaTable of Contents Part I-A general View of all tub Orders and Degrees of Masonry wnioii were practised in the eighteenth Century- Predilection for tlie number Three, p 1 Three Degrees of Masonry, 5 Innovations, 9 The Sublime Degrees, 10 Royal Order of H R D M, account of the, 12 The Knights Hospitallers, 20 Freemasonry in the reign of Charles II, 27 New Degrees, 29 Ramsay's Degrees, 31 Scotch Masonry, so called, 34 Female Lodges instituted, 35; Part II-Masonic Innovations-The Petit Elu, 37 Schisms in Masonry, 39 The Supreme Tribunal, 40 The Rose Croix, 41 Freemasonry prohibited, 43 Chapter of Clermont, 44 The Strict Observance, 45 Emperor of the East and West, 47 King of Prussia becomes the Grand Master of Continental Masonry, 49 The Sublime Degrees introduced into the New World, 50 Zinnendorff's Masonry, 54 Hunde's Masonry, 5G Ecossais, or Scotch Masonry, 57 The Grand Orient formed,