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Wise Men from the East and from the West (Classic Reprint)

Wise Men from the East and from the West (Classic Reprint)

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INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER A NATURAL QUESTIONBooks are fated to be "introduced.11 Why this is so, fellowcraftsmen and many of the reading public know. The custom is old; but, like many other things, the "introduction" has undergone some changes with the passing of time. In earlier days, as a general rule, the introduction constituted a summary of the book. In those good old days the author deemed it necessary to state in the introduction, in swaying Miltonic phraseology, what he was going to say in the body of the book, and then proceed to say it in the "following chapters." In some cases the introduction rendered the book quite dispensable.In more recent times the character of the introduction has generally been changed. It is now used to present subject-matter which is a little more than kith and a little less than kin to that which the book is intended to contain: such matter as the general subject of the book calls for, but which is not vital enough to form an organic part of thTable of Contents EAST IS EAST AND WEST IS WEST; I The Two Minds 17; II Alien Influences 23; III The Passive Type and the Aggressive Type 35; IV The Symbol of Authority 46 V Peace and Freedom 56; VI Leaders 66; part II; RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL TENDENCIES IN THE EAST AND IN THE WEST; VII What of Religion? 83; VIII Man is not Incurably Religious 89 IX Holy Books 99; X The Inner Sphere and the Outer; Sphere iio; XI The Grand Synthesis 115; XII Industry plus Life 122; XIII The Mandate of Business 133; XIV A "Working" Leisure Class 148; part iii; points of contact between the east and the west; XV Invasions, Ancient and Modern 163; XVI The Results 171; XVII The Revolt of the East against Western Domination 186; XVIII The East at the Paris Peace Conference 201; XIX The French in Syria 226; XX The Restoration of the Turks to; Power 250; XXI Zionism - A New Eastern Problem 265; XXII The Spirit over the Chaos 288; Index 303