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Live Smart-Retire Rich: Smarter Ways to Become Wealthy

Live Smart-Retire Rich: Smarter Ways to Become Wealthy

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Only two in five people are on track for a financially sound retirement, that means approximately 180 million Americans are not prepared. Too many people face dire financial circumstances in their golden years as living costs rise, investments falter, and incomes diminish. In Live Smart-Retire Rich, author Daniel C. Goodwin helps you improve your financial path by applying time-tested and proven financial concepts. His goal is to teach ordinary Americans-regardless of their wealth-to employ the strategies of the wealthy. A master at making the complex simple, Goodwin discusses Managing family cash flow like a business Multiple ways to harness real estate as an investment Understanding the benefits of a mortgage Optimizing your IRA, insurance, and investments Teaching kids about money Learning about wills, trusts, estate planning, legacy, and giving Live Smart-Retire Rich leverages the knowledge, education, expertise, and strategies of many experts with whom Goodwin works. It's designed for Americans who need help with money, who wish to dispel their fears regarding personal finance, who need and want a long-term plan for their future, and who want to be on course for financial independence.