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Money Medicine: Spiritual Rx for Financial Disease

Money Medicine: Spiritual Rx for Financial Disease

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Here is the book you've been waiting for, a perfect companion at the perfect time. If you suffer from financial stress, distress, aches and pains, traditional medicine is useless. Alternative therapy is called for. Here you undergo the spiritual healing necessary to relax your mind, restore your connection with inner peace, and rekindle your faith, enthusiasm, and optimism. These meditations are spiritual medications that will both sooth your soul and help produce a new prosperity in your life. Bob Mandel is the award-winning author of numerous books, including Money Mantras, Wake Up To Wealth, Open Heart Therapy, and 9 Journeys Home. He has coached indiividuals, families, and companies all over the world, and is the founder of the International Self-Esteem Project. His wisdom and inspiration are a gift to the world.