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EU - REIT: Future or Fiction

EU - REIT: Future or Fiction

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The trend towards introducing tax-transparent REIT instruments within the European Union is still growing. Despite having identical tax-transparent structure, the current European REIT structures differ in their regulation. These differences tend to result in macroeconomic disadvantages. Based on the ongoing REIT trend, real estate experts have begun to discuss the introduction of a single harmonised EU REIT. This book examines the ensuing debate. The current REIT situation allows tax-discrimination and also leads to other disadvantages. An EU REIT could be the solution to several of these issues. However, to eliminate tax-discrimination a tax law amendment would be necessary. Taxation is the one of the most contentious topics addressed by the European Union. Based on Unanimity Rule, all 27 member states would have to agree any such change in taxation laws. However in the absence of tax-harmonization, an EU REIT must remain a mere aspiration. This book provides an interesting insight for real estate professionals who are interested in the REIT indirect investment vehicle and for those who are interested in the prospects for further EU harmonization.