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Three Essays on International Macroeconomics and Financial Economics

Three Essays on International Macroeconomics and Financial Economics

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This book consists of three independent studies in macroeconomics. First study investigates the effect of government taxation policy on portfolio choice, especially internal/external debt structure and the price of sovereign debt. In the literature there is no prior study considering how tax policies applied to different generations affect investors' international portfolio choices. Thus, the first chapter of this book fills this gap. The second chapter examines the long run neutrality (LMN) of money in the Turkish economy. Turkey suffered the chronicle inflation, the turbulence monetary and banking events over the past 25 years, but recently achieved the stable economic growth and the low level of inflation. Therefore it is very interesting to consider the LMN in Turkey. The last study searches the underlying dynamics of real exchange rate series, RER, and the long run causality relationship between RER and the stock market movements for a group of emerging countries by employing recent econometrics techniques. This book should be very exciting and useful for economists, researchers and students interested in international macroeconomics and financial economics.