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Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-Based Practice

Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-Based Practice

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Exploring Sport and Fitness is a comprehensive guide to the development of essential professional and interpersonal skills in the sport, leisure and fitness sector. Designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace, the book introduces the fundamental principles of reflective practice in sport and fitness, and explains how students and professionals can develop their personal effectiveness and workplace performance.The book draws together important material from a wide range of academic and professional sources, including articles from leading experts in sport management, psychology and coaching, and explores key topics such as: Reflective practiceThe importance of effective communicationMotivation and Leadership Working in teamsWorking with customersLearning and instructional frameworks for coaches and instructorsOrganisational cultures in sport and fitnessExploring Sport and Fitness is essential reading for all students of sport, leisure and fitness management, sports coaching or sports development, and for all sport and fitness professionals looking to improve their performance and practice.