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Workplace Psychological Health: Current Research and Practice (New Horizons in Management Series)

Workplace Psychological Health: Current Research and Practice (New Horizons in Management Series)

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`Written by a renown group of international scholars, Workplace Psychological Health is an in-depth look at the newly emerging field of occupational health psychology. The book provides a comprehensive overview of workplace issues concerning employee health, safety, and well-being. The book integrates the major research areas of occupational health, safety, work-family and health. It would be a good source for researchers, students, and others looking for a thorough introduction to occupational health psychology.' - Paul Spector, University of South Florida, US `Describing organisations as "ever changing" or "increasingly pressured" has been allowed to become a cliche. It is refreshing, therefore, to find a book which coolly and objectively reviews the psychological health issues in today's workplaces. From perennial problems such as occupational stress and job satisfaction to the contemporary issues of work addiction and the psychological impacts of email and the internet, this book makes a valuable contribution to the debate about the duty of care every employer has to their people in the 21st century.' - David Fairhurst, McDonald's Restaurants Northern Europe This insightful book provides a comprehensive overview of modern occupational health psychology, collated by leading international academics. The authors offer timely and expert discussion on core themes in this rapidly developing, state-of-the-art field. Each of the eleven original chapters describes an essential topic within occupational health psychology, all focusing on the most progressive and contemporary international research. Included are chapters on subjects with established research history, for example occupational stress and job satisfaction, alongside newly emerging additions such as work addiction and executive coaching. This book will be an invaluable and unique reference source for organizational health academics, researchers and postgraduate students. Workplace Psychological Health is also offered as a useful companion text to human resource professionals and practitioners wanting to maintain continuing professional development.